Writing topics

You may want to brush up on the basics, such as grammar and punctuation, or cover more advanced techniques to improve longer documents or web copy. Our training courses cover all these writing topics. Tell us what you need and we’ll tailor a writing course to fit.

Writing process

How do you set about a piece of writing? We will take you through our step-by-step method to make the task less daunting and ensure you get a good result.


Grammar needn’t be scary. It’s really just putting words together in a way that ensures that your meaning is clear. We will remind you of the basics: nouns, verbs and so on; and show you how to structure a sentence. Then we’ll give you examples to work on.


Good punctuation can make all the difference. We’ll show you how to use the different punctuation marks. By working on examples, you’ll soon be using them confidently.

Words, words

Use as few words as possible: it’s easy to say and not so easy to do. We help you take a critical look at text, identify unnecessary words and get rid of them.

Words to use

Start by making sure you know what a word means: use the one that conveys your meaning exactly. On our writing courses, we’ll give you simple alternatives to pompous, vague words and phrases.

Words to avoid

You’ve heard it before: avoid jargon and clichés. But when do words become jargon and what exactly is a cliché? We help you recognise the words and phrases to avoid and find better ways of saying what you want to say.


Organising your information is a vital part of writing effectively. You’ll get tips for planning and structuring your writing so as to get your information across clearly and concisely.

Writing summaries

Busy people haven’t time to read every word of a long report or even a whole web page. A good summary can make the difference between success and failure. Our workshops will give you the principles of summary writing and examples to practise on.


However well written your document, if it doesn’t look easy to read your message may not get through. We’ll show you examples of good and bad layout, helpful illustrations and good practice in using slides to enhance your presentation skills.

Web writing

Good online writing involves understanding how the medium works and how people use it. You will learn to organise your information from the user’s perspective and write in a way that comunicates quickly and effectively.

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