Writing for the Web

By Susannah Ross

(Chambers Desktop Guides 2007)
Writing for the Web by Susannah RossThe Desktop Guide to Writing for the Web is an updated and expanded version of A Simple Guide to Writing for Your Website. Like the Simple Guide, it will help you organise the information on your site, write concisely and present your website effectively.

In addition, this small, handy book will give you advice on leading users to what they want, writing for search engines, writing forms, transaction pages etc., and being an assertive website editor. It has illustrations showing web pages that work and some that don’t.

“Best summary: Writing for the Web (Chambers Desktop Guides) by Susannah Ross (only available in the UK, but it’s worth the extra shipping charges to get this book mailed to you…)”
Jakob Nielsen, Nielsen Norman Group

Writing for the Web is available from Amazon.