Chris Shevlin

Writer and coach

chris shevlin, communications advisorChris Shevlin is an experienced writer, editor, communications advisor, trainer and coach. He is the author of Writing for Business, published by Penguin and recently distributed free to readers of the Times. He has also written A Simple Guide to Email.

Chris has written major reports for HSBC, SABMiller and government departments, sometimes co-ordinating the work of other writers. His smaller-scale work includes a website for the Facilities Financial Partnership, and inventing an educational board game for the Department for International Development.

Chris advises clients on structure, messages and tone of voice, so that their writing achieves their goals. These are the same areas that he focuses on as a trainer and coach, whether in group training or the individual coaching he has conducted for executives at companies including RBS, BT and Moody’s.

You can find out more at Chris’s website.

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