Books and articles by Rupert Morris

Rupert Morris is a professional writer, speechwriter and author, having written numerous book and articles including:

Business Writing

A step-by-step guide to the mechanics of business writing, including constructing sentences, punctuating for sound and make your writing look good on the page.

The Right Way to Write

A guide to writing to get results, rather than using corporate waffle and trying to sound important, with exercises and real-life examples.

What business can learn from Tom Stoppard

Tom Stoppard, perhaps our greatest living playwright, is obsessed with the power of words; Rupert Morris shows that Stoppard has some useful writing lessons for businesses too.

Who wants to be a CEO?

In this article, which first appeared in Spectra, the journal of the Management Consultancies Association, Rupert Morris looks at the predicament of CEOs.

Breaking the language barrier

Rupert Morris warns that even when talking to other English-speakers, you can still fall foul of the language barrier.

Clearly, concisely and with feeling

In this article in the Financial Times, Rupert Morris looks at some simple reasons for success – and failure – in business communications.