A Simple Guide to Email

By Chris Shevlin

(Pearson Education 2001) Simple guide to emailEmail has created a whole new kind of communication, with new conventions, demands and rules. It can make your life – socially, creatively and commercially – incomparably easier, if you know what you are doing. Jam-packed with essential information, tips and tricks, A Simple Guide to Email is a comprehensive and clearly-presented handbook is exactly what you need to master email.

Chris Shevlin proves he can help you write well by writing exceptionally well himself … a wonderful book about writing great emails.” About.com

“A good read at a good price. Yet another quality entry in the Simple Guide series.” Micro Computer Mart

“A Simple Guide To Email is perfect for its target audience. As a one-stop shop for those new to this popular form of communication, it covers everything you need to know, from how email works and how to write it, to its various pitfalls, privacy and the law.” What PC

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