Clarity runs a range of writing training. Our experienced and versatile trainers will help your people improve their performance in any form of writing, saving you time and money that is otherwise wasted in inefficient communication.

Writing courses

Bright and able people who otherwise perform well are often let down by their writing, an inability to write a concise report or an effective proposal. We believe anyone can learn to write clearly and effectively. Our trainers will give you confidence by making the mechanics of language simple and the writing process smoother.

Individual coaching

Coaching may be more useful for some people than attending a writing course or workshop. Our expert coaches focus on an individual’s needs and work with them on any weaknesses in their writing. With personal attention, the individual progresses faster and gains confidence.

Online learning

If your business is scattered over several locations, an online learning programme or a webinar may be the best way of upskilling your staff at a reasonable cost. Clarity’s online learning is tailored to your needs and covers anything from grammar and punctuation to advanced writing skills.