Sample writing course

On this sample writing course, we focus on a few simple themes, such as:

    Write for your reader, not for yourself.


    Decide what you want to achieve.


    Organise your thoughts.


    Simplify your language.


    Make it look easy to read.

Two half-day sessions might look like this:

Session 1 – Write with purpose, consider your reader
Exercises Learning points
What am I trying to achieve? Define your purpose.
Who will read this? Avoid jargon. Use fewer words.
How do I ensure they get the message? Write in the active not the passive.
How can I improve what I’ve written? Use more verbs. Construct strong, simple sentences.
Are my grammar and punctuation correct? Allow time for editing
Session 2 – Organise your information, make it look easy to read
Exercises Learning points
Look critically at a piece of writing. Plan your writing.
Plan a new document. Structure your information.
Write the content. Put space between paragraphs.
For a long piece, write a summary.
Format it to make it easy to read. Guide your reader with headings and subheadings.

We tailor all our training to suit your needs. If you would like Clarity to plan and run a writing course for you, contact us.