Report writing

If you need help with report writing, you’ve come to the right people. It may be your company’s annual report, an internal briefing paper or a Corporate Social Responsibility report. You may be writing it yourself or putting together information written by other people. You can bring us in at any stage.

Starting from scratch

Working to your brief, we will do the research, collate the information and write the report. Your document will be well written, easy to understand and interesting to read. Its tone and style will be appropriate to your organisation.

Organising your report

You’ve done the research and gathered a lot of information, but are daunted by the task of writing the report. Perhaps you can no longer see the wood for the trees and you are running out of time. Hand it to us. We are experts at turning disparate bits of information into a coherent piece of writing.

Report editing and polishing

Your report has gone through several drafts, your colleagues keep making changes, the work is stuck in committee or, even worse, egos are getting in the way. Clarity will bring an outsider’s fresh perspective. We’ll re-organise your draft, cut the waffle and jargon if necessary, and produce a final, polished version you can be proud of.

The Clarity touch

We bring an objective, intelligent eye to any subject. We assemble facts and figures, explain analysis and highlight trends in clear, flowing prose. Clarity will ensure that you use the right words to make the right points, keep your reader’s attention and guide them towards your desired conclusion.

We have written, compiled and edited reports on subjects as diverse as audit policy, business strategy, media relations, parks administration, IT systems and e-commerce.

To find out how a little Clarity expertise can project you and your organisation in the best possible light, contact us.