Proposal writing

With thousands, even millions of pounds riding on the outcome of your proposal, why not call in the writing experts? Our experienced proposal-writers can save you time, create proposals faster and more easily, and win you more business.

You know your strengths, your competitors and your markets. You know your proposal should win. But can you put your case really well?

We can help at any phase of proposal-writing, from planning the project and structuring the message, writing and editing the final document to debriefing and learning from the process.

What our clients say

On awarding a contract to a client whose proposal we had worked on, a major UK utility company said:

“The document was the best written and communicated the benefits most clearly”.

Our client told us:

“We could never have produced a proposal of this quality without Clarity’s help.”

If you would like to give your proposal the Clarity treatment, contact us.