What we charge

For all of our writing and communication projects, we don’t have a standard rate card because we rarely have a standard job or client. We price each job according to the time and expertise it needs and will always do our best for your budget. To get a quote, please contact us.

Here are some examples:

One of the big banks

This bank has been our client for several years and we have worked with people at every level of the organisation. We helped their customer relations and complaints departments improve their efficiency and customer satisfaction. Responses to customer complaints had tended to be long-winded, defensive and too often ineffective. We encouraged teams to be more direct and friendly. We showed them how to make their correspondence more concise, reduce the to-and-fro and turn frustration into improved satisfaction and loyalty.

Two half-day training sessions for ten people cost £3,000.

A food company

We were asked to produce their sustainability report. We started from scratch, interviewed key people, researched and gathered information, structured the report and consulted senior executives and designers on three drafts.

This took two months and we charged £9,500.

A global telecomms company

They asked us to help their internal communications people achieve the right tone of voice for their employee engagement and align their internal and external branding. We helped them define that tone and rewrote the company recruitment and on-boarding communication, pay and pension entitlements, HR documentation and intranet copy.

We charged separately for each assignment at an average of £600 a day.

A leading energy, metals and mining consultancy

They regularly ask us to train their analysts and consultants in report-writing. We show technical experts how to structure, present and explain their research findings so that even non-technical readers can get straight to what they need to know and easily digest complex information.

We run workshops in their offices in the UK, Australia and Asia and charge an average of £400 a head.

A senior insurance executive

He had to make a keynote speech. He knew roughly what he wanted to say but he was pressed for time and felt a bit stuck. He also knew he needed to improve his delivery. Our top speechwriter spent a couple of days drafting his speech, researching more information and preparing his slides. He then spent half a day consulting, redrafting and coaching the executive’s delivery. The executive managed to turn the current state of insurance into an engaging story. His delivery was confident and assured and an occasion he had dreaded turned out to be one he thoroughly enjoyed.

We charged £3,000 – a fee our client considered good value.

To get a quote for the job you want done, contact us.