Internal communications

How can you make your internal communications more engaging? You have a lot of information to convey, some of it quite mundane. But there is a way to keep people engaged. Think less about the information and more about the way you want your readers to react.

At Clarity we believe that clear, honest communication can enable people to perform better – but only if you take your reader’s perspective.

Internal comms work is often routine – newsletters, announcements, emails, intranet copy, boardroom presentations. Even so, it should always be fresh and sharp, easy to read and understand. Tone and style should be consistent across all your divisions and departments and aligned with your brand and values.

From strategy to style guides

We can help you devise your internal comms strategy and formulate your house style. We have written style guides for several clients. Our training programmes can make sure people throughout the organisation apply and use these well.

Your comms teams need to keep improving their writing skills. Day in, day out, it’s easy to get stale. Our writing courses can bring the whole team up to speed and keep even good wordsmiths at the top of their game.

To find out how to give your internal communications real impact, please contact us.