Individual coaching

Everyone has their own way of writing, their own way of approaching an assignment. But if you really want to enhance your performance, you should probably look more closely at your methods. To do that, you will need individual coaching and specialist help.

Clarity has a number of experienced writers and trainers who conduct one-to-one writing and communications skills coaching sessions, whether preparing you for a speech or helping you write documents that produce the results you want.

Bespoke training

Some people find individual coaching too gruelling; in that case it may make sense for you and a colleague to work together with a Clarity trainer. We have had notable successes with ‘surgeries’ in which we work with two or three people at once. You get the individual attention you need, but the pressure is not on you all the time.

Others respond best to challenge and pressure. If you’re one of them, we’ll push you beyond your comfort zone. We’ll set you tasks, assess your efforts honestly, and raise your standards beyond what you thought possible.

If you would like to talk about individual coaching, please contact us.