We are experts in ghostwriting.

We can help you get your story out in a book. We can shape your ideas into an article. Clarity’s professional, freelance writers are published authors, journalists and editors, in our own names and as ghostwriters.

We’ll discuss your ideas with you. Then we’ll write a proposal and a sample chapter, help you find a publisher and secure a contract. We’ll write the book with you – meeting when you want, exchanging drafts, editing and improving right up to the deadline.

Experienced ghostwriters

We’ve used our experience and media contacts to write and place articles for companies such as Accenture, KPMG and Shell.

We worked on The Talent Powered Organization by Peter Cheese, Elizabeth Craig and Robert J. Thomas from Accenture. The authors were responsible for almost all the ideas and case studies in the book, while Clarity drafted sections, edited and shaped the content, and managed the process from proposal to publication.

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