Ghostwriting: The Talent Powered Organization

By Peter Cheese, Elizabeth Craig and Robert J. Thomas

(Kogan Page 2007) ghostwriting talent powered organizationThe Talent Powered Organization by Peter Cheese, Elizabeth Craig and Robert J. Thomas was ghostwritten by Clarity. It deals with talent management in unprecedented depth, explaining why this is the number one strategic issue for global business today and setting out practical measures for discovering, developing and deploying talent. You can buy The Talent Powered Organization on Amazon, where it received enthusiastic reviews:

“Insightful, data-rich and comprehensive… makes a major contribution to the field – a must read for all members of senior management and students of management.”
Prof. Fred K. Foulkes, Boston University School of Management

“Talent is essential to competitiveness in the new economy. The Talent Powered Organization offers powerful arguments about how to develop and use it.”
Prof. Peter Cappelli, Wharton School of Business

“Timely and comprehensive… With a style which is practical, engaging and thought-provoking, this is a must read for any business leader.”
Prof. Lynda Gratton, author of Hot Spots: Why Some Companies Buzz with Energy and Innovation, and Others Don’t

“The Talent Powered Organization is an exceptionally articulate and example-laden contribution to understanding the new corporation and the new employee.”
Don Tapscott, author of Wikinomics

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