Customer relations

Our customer relations staff have really enjoyed working with Clarity. Their writing has improved, but equally important, they’ve learnt to think about their work much more, to seek advice from colleagues, and to take pride in what they do. As a result, we’ve been getting a much better response from customers.
Jeff Hartley, Head of Group Customer Relations, Royal Bank of Scotland

What makes good customer service? Above all, it’s the human touch. Good connections with customers are signs of healthy, productive businesses.

And what happens all too often? Customers are fobbed off with automated messages and impersonal corporate language. They are treated as part of a process – and they hate it.

Customer relations training

At Clarity we can help you improve your connections with actual or potential customers. We can help you handle complaints more effectively and increase customer loyalty.

We design our courses to fit your people, your budget and your needs. We can run group workshops, host webinars, coach individuals or devise online learning programmes. Tell us what you’re aiming for and we’ll get to work.

If you think we can help your customer relations teams, please contact us.