Communication services

You are brilliant at what you do, but how good are you at communicating it to others? Our range of communication services can help you communicate better with customers, clients or your own employees.


Words are as much a part of your brand as your look. We will find the right tone of voice for your brand and the words that represent you as you would wish to be presented to your customers, clients and employees.

Customer relations

You must have been on the receiving end of a letter or email from someone’s customer services department. Written by a human or a robot? We can help your customer relations people communicate with customers by responding to their individual problems and sounding like human beings, not computers.

Internal communications

You need to establish trust with your employees and help them work well together. We will edit your internal comms, write them for you or train your communicators to write in a straightforward and responsive way, so that your people can believe what you say and work better as a team.

Speeches and presentations

We’ll help you prepare a speech or presentation that will get your message across, hold your audience’s attention and give you confidence. Clarity’s speechwriters are some of the UK’s best.


Your digital content is increasingly your main form of communication. We are specialists in website content and our writers will work with your designers and coders to make sure that your website communicates effectively with your clients and customers.