Two presentations and an article

Shire Pharmaceuticals is a global producer of specialist drugs. One of its units, Shire Human Genetic Therapies, is a leader in innovative treatments for rare genetic diseases.

Shire’s Director of Market Access and Public Affairs, Katia Finck, needed to make two presentations to conferences of industry experts and policy-makers in London and Brussels. She had to describe the drugs, the conditions they treat; the research and development required to bring them to market; and the approval, licensing and payment systems in force in the EU and member states. And then to make a case for policy changes to make the drugs more widely available.

These complex issues had to be conveyed concisely and cogently in English, which is not Ms Finck’s first language. Clarity drafted the two presentations from the material she supplied, re-drafting until she was satisfied with the final version. We also helped her rehearse their delivery.

When the presentations had been successfully delivered we marshalled key facts and arguments into a short article for specialist journals.

Shire Pharmaceuticals