Rebranding, style guide and web copy

Clarity began supporting Regus’ rebranding in 2009, writing feature articles about the future of offices, flexible working and alternatives to commuting. Regus then asked us to compile an in-house style guide and help improve its internal communications, and to write copy for the company’s new website.

Regus has changed and grown, from renting offices to supplying businesses of all sizes with bespoke support, and assisting mobile workers with facilities in the UK and abroad. The company’s image and the quality of its written communications help maintain its competitive edge. Regus values the attention that Clarity pays to its writing.

Andrew Brown, Group Communications Director at Regus, said:

“It is a pleasure to work with Clarity. We value your intellect, your experience and your objectivity. We know that if we confront you with a complex issue, you will think it through, talk to us and come up with a piece of writing that is understandable, elegant and expressive.”