Writing speeches and articles and editing reports

Accenture, formerly Andersen Consulting, is one of our oldest and best clients, dating back to Clarity’s foundation in 1997. Since then we have written speeches and articles for board members, edited two annual reports, four reports on e-commerce in Europe, and edited every kind of written material, both for internal and external use.

This is what Vernon Ellis, Accenture’s International Chairman, had to say about Clarity:

“Clarity helps us refine our messages and make them more persuasive. In the various projects on which we have worked together over the past five years, you have brought two important qualities to bear: first, there is the fluency, accuracy and economy of your writing and editing; secondly, there is the value of an expert and objective view that ensures our speeches, reports and articles resonate with an external audience.”

Accenture management consultants