Branding and brand identity

Whatever you do, whoever you are, your words represent you. What you say and how you say it can create a lasting impression.

We can help you with your verbal branding. Language and tone set brand identity as much, if not more, than colour, logo, graphics and design. Your company’s persona and values need to be clear and obvious in the language you use.

We will help you ensure that your language and tone of voice properly reflect who you are and what you want to be.

It’s no good promising to be open and friendly if senior management communication is officious and top-down. No point saying you are transparent and trustworthy if your reports are full of impenetrable verbosity and jargon.

Clarity can help you perfect your branding and brand identity. We can find the right words, phrases and tone of voice. We can then work with you to create your style guide and run writing courses to ensure that everyone working for you represents you, as you want to be recognised.

Words matter. Ask Clarity to help you choose yours well.