When ‘badly’ doesn’t mean ‘urgently’; or, why we should all read our work through

Much talk in the blogosphere recently about a lady, a professional writer, who, touting for business through Google ads, asked potential customers: ‘Need it written badly?’

Unsurprisingly, this attracted a lot of attention. Not a lot of it positive. The line may have been a kind of post-modern joke, but, if so, then it was too subtle for me – which suggests it shouldn’t have been made.

Whether the writer made a bad judgment or simply failed to express herself clearly, the ad contained a mistake. We all make mistakes, there’s no shame in it. However, mistakes can harm your business; a minute’s reflection and a quick read through would have stopped this one being displayed all over the internet.

Thanks to Mic Wright, a journalist, who posted this on his blog. http://brokenbottleboy.tumblr.com/