Jargon – still the scourge of modern business writing

One of the great plagues of the world of business writing is jargon. I’m sure that most of you will inwardly cringe when reading about people trying to “actualise their goals”. One can, at a push, “realise” a goal, but they’re much better when they are “scored” instead. Jargon is a clumsy form of half-metaphor that intends to make its author seem like they know exactly what they’re writing about but that usually has the opposite effect. Compare the following sentences:

“If we realise the large synergy between our companies, we’ll be able to seriously impact the marketplace and fund new growth throughout the sector.”

“If we merge, we’ll have more customers and make more money.”

The second one may sound a little greedier, but it’s much easier to read and makes more sense.