High Impact Speeches

For many people, public speaking is an ordeal. It need not be. Richard Heller knows the secrets of High Impact Speeches, and this book will help you to harness your unique gifts to create speeches which you can deliver with confidence and conviction - speeches that get the results you want from your audience.

In simple language, High Impact Speeches shows how to plan, organize, write and deliver the words that will move minds. After all, a good speech is a good career move. Read an extract from High Impact Speeches.

High Impact Speeches is available in bookshops or from the websites of Pearson, the publishers, and Amazon.

"Essential reading for anyone who has to prepare and deliver a speech."

Baroness Boothroyd

"I have read High Impact Speeches with attention and enjoyment. Richard Heller is an authority."

Sir Christopher Hogg, Chairman, GlaxoSmithKline

"Richard Heller has produced a superb manual for speechwriters and speechmakers. From now on, no one need be nervous about public speaking."

David Brook, Head of Strategy and Development, Channel Four

"Richard Heller has thought deeply about the craft of writing and delivering effective speeches. He has written a wise and entertaining book."

Liz Padmore, Director of Policy and Corporate Affairs, Accenture

"Richard Heller is a meticulous, imaginative - and rapid - writer, with a real gift for conveying a message."

John Sunderland, Chairman, Cadbury Schweppes