Are your assets a resource or are your resources an asset?

Diamonds are in the news at the moment, so we thought we’d draw attention to the Company profile of Gem Diamonds. From their website:

“Gem Diamonds is a global diamond company that has been pursuing a long term growth strategy through targeted acquisitions and the development of existing assets. Under current market conditions, the Group is focused on the development of its cash generative assets and has curtailed all non-essential capital and development expenditure.”

The main problem I have here is with the way they use the word “assets”. Like “resources”, it can be incredibly vague. So when they talk about “development of existing assets”, do they mean polishing and cutting diamonds or improving their mining techniques or better training for their staff or something else entirely?
“Cash generative assets” is even worse. Are these liquid assets (i.e. diamonds) or things they can sell to make a lot of money (i.e. diamond mines)? And it needs a hyphen.

It’s much better to be specific, so don’t talk about your “resources” if you mean buildings and, while your staff are very useful to you, don’t describe them as “assets”. It’s weird and dehumanising and, worst of all, can confuse the reader.