A must-read every Thursday

[This entry originally appeared on Clare Lynch’s blog, goodcopybadcopy]

Whenever I give a writing course my bibliography always contains a reference to Martin Lukes.

The brilliant creation of FT journalist Lucy Kellaway, Lukes is the fictional Chief Great Leader of a-b glöbâl (UK) and is a cross between Bridget Jones and David Brent of BBC TV series The Office.

Kellaway has a fine ear for modern corporate discourse – and captures it perfectly in Lukes’s unintentionally hilarious musings.

In his emails to colleagues he reverts, he dialogues and he diarises face time. He’s frighteningly attached to the reflexive pronoun. And as the inventor of Creovation (which combines the blue-sky thinking of creativity with the bolt-on practicality of innovation), he’s got a superb knack for neologism.

As such, Martin Lukes is as much a must-read for writers looking for a bit of light relief as he is for corporate players willing to laugh at themselves.

The column comes out in the FT every Thursday – here’s the latest instalment. And for background, check out Kellaway’s book of the column, Who Moved My BlackberryTM?.